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The history of the reproducibility crisis is that in 2011, Glenn Begley, who ran the oncology division at Amgen, decided to try to reproduce 53 foundational papers in oncology. He was unable to reproduce 47 of them, which is 89%. Bayer, another pharmaceutical company, reported in the same year that it was unable to reproduce 65% of the papers in its sample of the biomedical literature.

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canada goose factory outlet A logo of UniCredit is seen in downtown Milan, August 18, 2014. REUTERS/Stefano RellandiniIn an effort to distance itself from Italy protracted banking crisis, UniCredit unveiled last month a plan to offload 18 billion euros in bad loans and cut 14,000 jobs.Italy biggest corporate cash call was approved with 99.6 of votes by shareholders representing over half the bank capital.Mustier pledged on Thursday to complete the issue, which nearly matches the bank market value, by March 10, in time for UniCredit to make canada goose store coupon payments on some high risk bonds which came under pressure in the market.Answering a request by market watchdog Consob, UniCredit warned one off fourth quarter charges totaling 12 billion euros could make it hard to pay coupons on Additional Tier 1 (AT1) bonds due in March if buy canada goose jacket it did not carry out the share issue.The warning weighed on the bank two outstanding AT1 bonds on Thursday, pushing yields up XS1046224884=R XS1107890847=R from Wednesday close.UniCredit can temporarily write down the value of its AT1 bonds if its core capital falls below a certain threshold. It can also cancel their coupon payments at any time.However, Mustier told La Stampa daily that the bank would not have to do so.(the share issue) will be completed in time for the UniCredit bond payment on March 10, he said.Economy Minister Pier Carlo Padoan said on canada goose clearance sale Thursday he was confident about UniCredit cash call.Unlike Monte dei Paschi, UniCredit has found a group of investment banks to take Canada Goose Parka on any unsold shares.PARANOIA Mustier rejected the idea that a rival lender could use the cash call to build a stake Canada Goose Jackets in UniCredit.UniCredit is the top shareholder in Mediobanca, which in Canada Goose sale turn is Generali biggest investor.put a stop to this paranoia, Mustier said of the speculation in the newspaper interview.The appointment of Frenchman Philippe Donnet as CEO of Generali and the arrival of Mustier, who is also French, at UniCredit have further stoked speculation.. canada goose factory outlet

canada goose outlet nyc For example, submissions like «Buying 100 BTC» or «Selling my computer canada goose coats on sale for Canada Goose Outlet bitcoins» do not belong here. /r/Bitcoin is primarily for news and discussion.Please avoid repetition /r/bitcoin is a subreddit devoted to new information and discussion about Bitcoin and its ecosystem. New merchants are welcome to announce their services for Bitcoin, but after those have been announced Cheap Canada Goose Uk they are no longer news and should not be re posted. canada goose outlet nyc

canada goose outlet toronto factory Terms of advice on how to be successful, I honestly don know. I still surprised at how many people purchase things from my shop. I currently making roughly $100 $200 per week in gross revenue. In summer’s severely hot weather when the temperatures rise to extremes cheap Canada Goose and the hive’s population is large and crowded due to an abundance of nectar flow, the bees head en masse out of the nest and cluster outside the hive to try buy canada goose jacket cheap to remain cool and keep the hive from overheating and killing the brood. Busy canadian goose jacket bee activity inside the hive generates a lot of heat. Leaving the hive and clinging to the outside is the bees’ modus operandi for helping to regulate the hive’s internal temperature by huddling together and canada goose black friday sale beating their wings to create air flow. canada goose outlet toronto factory

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canada goose outlet sale First of all, want to say to you FACEit guys, you doing a BIG job. Every system needs a competition and you are the worthy competition to Valve Matchmaking system. I played only around two or three Dota2 matches using your system and it seemed very solid to canada goose deals me. canada goose outlet sale

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official canada goose outlet Ceremonies are not just for display or to show we still here, he said softly. Are canada goose here. We are going to fight for our traditional land and territories. In the new decade, Depeche Mode released Violator, a mainstream success. The subsequent album, Songs of Faith and Devotion, and the supporting Devotional Tour exacerbated tensions within the band to the point where Alan Wilder quit in 1995, leading to intense media and fan speculation that the band would split. Now a trio once again, the band released Ultra in 1997, recorded at the height of Gahan’s near fatal drug abuse, Gore’s alcoholism and seizures, and Fletcher’s depression official canada goose outlet.

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