LIBYAN STAKE UNDER SCRUTINY Italian market regulator Consob and

The excise tax on foreign corporations increased 17 percent from fiscal 2013 to $1.902 billion and was the third largest source of revenue for the commonwealth. The tax has been labeled a bailout from the federal government by some because corporations can take credits on their federal taxes for it. In fiscal 2014 the territory raised the tax rate..

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canada goose outlet shop The banned demonstrations timed to take place on Thursday anniversary of the union between mainland Tanzania and the Indian Ocean archipelago of Zanzibar have been organised by self exiled activist Mange Kimambi.who plan to demonstrate tomorrow will seriously suffer. They will be beaten like stray dogs, Gilles Muroto, police chief in Tanzania administrative capital Dodoma told journalists on Wednesday.In the northern town of Arusha, an opposition stronghold, police on Tuesday arrested seven people accused of mobilising fellow Tanzanians to take part in the planned protests.Kimambi has 1.8 million followers on the social media site Instagram, where she describes herself as a activist, proudly Tanzanian based in Los Angeles.Protests in Tanzania, even on a small scale, would pose a challenge to President John Magufuli who has been accused of cracking down on dissent and freedom of expression since taking office in late 2015.Magufuli warned last month that anyone who participates in illegal demonstrations will be met with the full force of the law, saying his government will not allow its economic reforms to be derailed by unlawful street protests.But Kimambi is rallying Tanzanians via Instagram, Twitter and Telegram chat groups to take to the streets on Apr. 26 to demand Magufuli ouster after previous demonstrations called by the main opposition CHADEMA party in 2016 were called off.don have enough police officers to threaten and intimidate the whole of Tanzania, Kimambi told her Instagram followers on Wednesday in reaction to the police show of force.Maria Sarungi Tsehai, a prominent Tanzanian communications expert, wrote in a blog post earlier this month that the government vow to crack down on protests only served to highlight Kimambi ability to motivate young Tanzanians.a woman in Los Angeles can mobilise Tanzanian citizens to demand their rights through a demonstration and to hold the Tanzanian government accountable, and the government from the highest office to the heads of police issue threats against demonstrators, it goes to show that the Mange Kimambi effect is real, Sarungi Tsehai wrote.. canada goose outlet shop

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canada goose outlet store The overall stake held by Libyan investors in the bank has therefore risen to 7.578 percent, as the Central Bank of Libya, UniCredit third biggest shareholder, has a stake of 4.988 percent, according to UniCredit website.The Italian bank rules bar a shareholder from having a voting stake of more than 5 percent.Libya investment in UniCredit has aroused suspicion among politicians from the Northern League, which is part buy canada goose jacket of Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi centre right government and has links to some of UniCredit shareholder foundations.are looking at a true and proper takeover, said Luca Zaia, a prominent Northern League member and the governor of the Veneto region, whose Cariverona foundation holds 4.64 percent of UniCredit.given that if someone is buying, there must be someone selling, my question is: Can we find out who is selling shares to the Libyans? he told online daily Affaritaliani.However, Libya envoy to Rome Hafed Gaddur told Reuters Libya was satisfied with its current stake in UniCredit and had no plans for a takeover.The bank declined to comment on the Libyan holdings.LIBYAN STAKE UNDER SCRUTINY Italian market regulator Consob and the Bank of Italy have requested clarification on the nature of the stakes held in UniCredit by Libyan shareholders and whether the two canada goose coats on sale acted independently from each other.Some Italian financial and industry leaders have defended the Libyan shareholders, saying they had always played by the rules.UniCredit mandated its chairman to look into the possible governance impact of the Libyan stake building. He will submit his findings on Sept. 30.Chief Executive Alessandro Profumo has also said the bank will ask the Libyan investors to provide evidence they are independent shareholders.UniCredit is strengthening its ties with Libya, a former Canada Goose Parka Italian colony, as Berlusconi builds closer relations with Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi.Earlier this year, it won the first banking licence awarded by the Libyan central bank to a foreign institution canada goose outlet store.

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