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canada goose store We’ve looked at the frame, suspension system and cushioning on a sofa; next up: fabric. We consider fabric to be a very important, yet certainly misunderstood, component of furniture. It canada goose outlet factory can make up 40 45% of the price of a sofa. So we’ll be breaking this topic up into several smaller bite size portions: after a general discussion of whatkind of fabric to choose for your lifestyle, we’ll look at the embodied energy in your fabric choice, and then why an organic fabric is better for you as well as the rest of us. canada goose store

One thing to remember is that there canada goose outlet vancouver is much more fabric used in constructing an upholstered piece of canada goose outlet real furniture than just the decorative fabric that canada goose outlet paypal you see covering the piece a typical «quality» sofa also uses about 20 yards of decorative fabric, plus 20 yds of lining fabric, 15 yds of burlap and 10 yds of muslin, for canada goose outlet a total of 65 yards of fabric!

buy canada goose jacket After color, fabric durability is probably top of everybody’s list. Durability translates into most people’s minds as «heft» in other words, a lightweight cotton doesn’t usually come to mind. A fabric with densely woven yarns tends to be more durable than a loosely woven fabric. Often people assume leather is the best choice for a busy family. Another choice widely touted is to use Ultrasuede. buy canada goose jacket

Canada Goose Parka Equally important in evaluating durabilityas the weight of the fabric is the length of the fibers. Cotton as a fiber is much softer and of shorter lengths than either hemp or linen, averaging 0.79 1.30 canada goose outlet kokemuksia inches in length. Hemp’s average length is 8 inches, but can range up to 180 inches in length. In a study done by Tallant et. al. of the Southern Regional Research Laboratory, «results indicate that increases in shortfibers are detrimental to virtually all yarn and fabric properties and require increased roving twist for efficient drafting during spinning. A 1% increase in fibers shorter than 3/8 in. causes a strength loss in yarns of somewhat more than 1%.» Canada Goose Parka

canada goose clearance Patagonia, the California manufacturer of outdoor apparel, has conducted tests on both hemp and other natural fibers, with the results showing that hemp canada goose outlet 80 off has eight times the tensile strength and four times the durability of other natural fibers. Ecolution had a hemp twill fabric tested for tensile and tear strength, and compared the results with a 12 oz cotton denim. Hemp beat cotton every canada goose jacket outlet uk time: Overall, the 100% hemp fabric had 62% greater tear strength and 102% greater tensile strength. canada goose clearance

There is a high correlation between fiber strength and yarn strength. People have used silk as an upholstery fabric for hundreds of years, and often the silk fabric is canada goose coats uk quite lightweight; but silk is a very strong fiber.

In addition to the fiber used, yarns are given a twist to add strength. canada goose premium outlet This is called Twist Per Inch or Meter (TPI or TPM) a tighter twist (or more turns per inch) generally gives more strength. These yarns are generally smooth and dense.

canada goose coats So that brings us to weave structure. Weave structures get very complicated, and we can refer you to lots of references for those so inclined to do more research (see references listed at the end of the post). canada goose coats

canadian goose jacket But knowing the fibers, yarn and weave construction canada goose outlet london still doesn’t answer people’s questions they want some kind of objective measurement. So in order to objectively compare fabrics, tests to determine wear were developed (called abrasion tests), and many people today refer to these test results as a way to measure fabric durability. canadian goose jacket

canada goose deals Abrasion test results are supposed to forecast how well a canada goose uk site fabric will stand up to wear and tear in upholstery applications. There are two tests generally used: Martindale and Wyzenbeek (WZ). Martindale is the preferred test in Europe; Wyzenbeek is preferred in the United States. One circle 8 is a cycle. canada goose deals

Canada Goose sale The Association for Contract Textiles performance guidelines lists the following test results as being suitable for commercial fabrics: Canada Goose sale

Canada Goose Outlet According to the Association for Contract Textiles, end use examples of «heavy duty contract» where 30,000 WZ results should be appropriate are single shift corporate offices, hotel rooms, conference rooms and dining areas. Areas which would require higher than 30,000 WZ are: 24 hour facilities (like transportation terminals, healthcare emergency rooms, casino gambling areas, and telemarketing offices) and theatres, stadiums, lecture halls and fast canada goose outlet new york food restaurants. Canada Goose Outlet

canada goose coats on sale Sina Pearson, the textile designer, has been quoted in the Philadelphia Inquirer as saying that 6,000 rubs (Wyzenbeek) may be «just fine» for residential use» canada goose coats on sale

Theoretically, the higher the rating (from either test) canada goose jacket outlet the more durable the fabric is purported to be. It’s not unusual for designers today to ask for 100,000 WZ results. Is this because we think more is always better? Does a test of 1,000,000 WZ guarantee that your fabric will survive years longer than one rated only 100,000 WZ? Maripaul Yates, in her guidebook for interior designers, says that «test results are so unreliable and the margin of error is so great that its competency as a predictor of actual wear is questionable.»

There are, apparently, many ways to tweak test results. We’ve been told if we don’t like the test results from one lab, we can try Lab X, where the results tend to be better. The reasons that these tests produce inconsistent results are:

1. Variation in test methods: Measuring the resistance to abrasion is very complex. Test resultsare affected by many factors that include the properties and dimensions ofthe fibers; the structure of the yarns; the canada goose outlet online uk construction of the fabrics;the type, kind and amount of treatments https://www.canadagoose-jackets-online.com added to the fibers, yarns, or fabric; the time elapsed since the abradant was changed; the type of abradant used; the tension of the specimen being tested,the pressurebetween the abradant and the specimenand other variables.

2. Subjectivity: The measurement of the relative amount of abrasion can be affected by the method of evaluation and is canada goose outlet store montreal often influenced by the judgment of the operator. Cycles to rupture, color change, appearance change and so forth are highly variable parameters and subjective.

3. Games Playing: Then there is, frankly, dishonest collusion between the tester and thetestee. There are lots of games that are canada goose kensington parka uk played. For instance, in Wyzenbeek, the abradant, either cotton duck or a metal screen, must bereplaced every million double rubs. If your fabric is tested at the beginning of that abradant’s life versus the end of its life, well. youcan see the games. Also, how much tension the subject fabric is under the canada goose outlet germany «pull» of the stationary anchor of the subject fabric, affects therating.

canada goose In the final analysis, if you have doubts about the durability of a fabric, will any number of test results convince you otherwise? Also, if your heart is set on a silk jacquard, for example, I bet it would take a lot of data to sway you from canada goose shop uk your heart’s desire. Some variables just trump the raw data. canada goose


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cheap Canada Goose This week we begin to talk aboutthe fabric used in your sofa which we (of course) think is a very canada goose outlet michigan complicated and important topic! One thing to remember is that there is much more fabric used in constructing an upholstered piece of furniture than just the decorative fabric that you see covering the piece a typical «quality» sofa also uses about 20 yards of decorative fabric, plus 20 yds of lining fabric, 15 yds of burlap and 10 yds of muslin, for a total of 65 yards of fabric cheap Canada Goose.

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